About The Festival

The Sarawak International Festival of Music and Arts (SIFMA) is an internationally participated event for the locals and communities to enjoy as well as to showcase their arts and their talents to the world. The festival will include performance of music, choirs, dances and arts among participating countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, China and more for the soft launch of the Festival as the last concert before the Old Legislative Assembly is closed for the launch of a new Performance Arts Centre here.

The 2-Nights Gala Concert is scheduled to be held on 28th - 29th June 2019 at Old Legislative Assembly, Kuching, Sarawak. The festival will be a venue for cultural exchange to further strengthen our cooperation while sharing experiences and knowledge in the dynamic field of music & arts. It is also an opportunity for the local music & arts fraternity to learn from other countries in the hope of promoting and upgrading the standard of Performing Arts in Sarawak.

Vision: To be an internationally recognised platform for music dance and all the arts to be enjoyed and showcased in harmony and multicultural diversity.

Mission: To inspire all Sarawakians to showcase their talents to be shared with the world and the world of Sarawak